Edison, NJ -  This week, the Edison Police Department announced that law officers will be cracking down on distracted drivers and speeders as part of the Special Traffic Enforcement Program (S.T.E.P.) this summer.

The high visibility law enforcement initiative, which is grant funded through the NJ Division of Highway Traffic Safety, will target motorists who engage in dangerous distracted driving behaviors such as talking on hand-held cell phones and sending text messages while driving as well as speeding, according to the department.

In New Jersey, driver inattention was listed as a contributing circumstance in nearly 800,000 accidents from 2012-2016. Driver inattention was listed as a contributing factor in crashes at a rate many times higher than that of speeding, the next highest contributing factor.

As a result the Edison Police Department said that it is focusing on both of these factors to attempt an reduce accidents and potential injuries on Edison’s roadways