Edison, NJ – The Edison Police Department is warning residents of three scams. Law enforcement is advising residents to be on the lookout for individuals impersonating utility company workers, contractors, and those selling fake jewelry and coins.

“Residents should be very vigilant when it comes to unknown individuals wanting to enter their homes representing various utility companies. Do not let anyone into your home unless verified. If there is the slightest doubt, do not hesitate to call upon the police to validate their authenticity,” said Edison Police Chief Thomas Bryan.  “Additionally, do not entertain any phone calls where people are asking for donations," he said.

"There are plenty of scams and our residents should be very aware.  I cannot emphasize enough that it is better to be safe and notify the police,” said Chief Bryan.

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In a statement issued on social media, the police department stated:

Edison and Middlesex County are once again experiencing some various scams.

The first is a diversion burglary, when a person impersonates a member of one of the utility companies to gain access to your home, while a second person ransacks the bedrooms.

The second are home improvement scams where individuals pose as legitimate contractors to do work on your home, driveway, or yard, then disappear with your deposit or perform sub-standard work.

And lastly, a scam is occurring where a person offers you gold or coins for money, however the gold or coins are fake.

Please be vigilant and report suspicious activities to the Edison Police at 732-248-7400.