Edison, NJ -  At approximately 2:15 p.m., authorities announced that Oak Tree Road had been  reopened following a closure of the road earlier in the afternoon after work crews accidentally hit an Elizabethtown Gas main. Homes and businesses along a stretch of Oak Tree Road, including the Jewish Community Center, were temporarily evacuated earlier in the afternoon.

Deputy Fire Chief Andy Toth said PSE&G work crews were installing new utility poles along Oak Tree Road when the gas main, located between Meridian and Ellmyer Roads got hit. “Repairs got started within an hour, but evacuations are the most prudent way to ensure public safety. It's the best, safest precaution,” Toth said.

According to the Township, homes and businesses within 200 yards on either side of Meridian and Ellmyer roads were evacuated. Youngsters attending day programs at the popular Jewish Community Center were swiftly moved to facilities at Brighton Gardens, a nearby assisted living facility for senior citizens.

Assisting at the scene were Edison firefighters and police, the Middlesex County Office of Emergency Management, and response teams and repair crews from Elizabethtown Gas and PSE&G.