On Tuesday, December 17th, the Zoning Board will meet at 7 PM to hear from residents on the expansion of the Care One facility on Inman Avenue in Edison. This is the final hearing and the last opportunity for residents to voice their concerns. The hearing will be divided in two parts and residents will be allowed to speak based on where they reside. Group one will include local residents inside the notification zone or the twenty-two adjacent properties. Group two will include any local residents outside the notification zone which effectively includes everyone except those who speaking in group one. It is important to note that once the zoning board moves from group two, group one will no longer be allowed to speak.

As background, CareOne is planning to expand their building by building a 90,000 sq. ft assisted living facility which converts about 5 acres of residential land into a commercial zone.  The company purchased residential properties adjacent to their medical building some years ago. Since these properties are zoned for single family home, they have to obtain the requisite permit to use it for a purpose other than for which it was intended. “With two schools and train lines in the area, people are concerned about increased congestion and safety in the neighborhood” said Edison resident Neel Jerath.