ELIZABETH, NJ – Summer has definitely arrived, according Amber Court Assisted Living, who hosted its Annual Wine and Cheese Network Event tonight, as a welcome to the new season.

Said Shlomo Pines, Amber Court director, “We like to have people in the community come because we feel we are part of the community. We like to get people together and to show them what we do here. It is a nice thing to have everyone together.”

That certainly seemed to be the case. Guests enjoyed the panoramic views of the city, while sipping wine, munching on hors d’oeuvres, listening to music, and enjoying good company – all on a summer breeze.

Amber Court, located at 1155 East Jersey Street, Elizabeth, offers care, comfort and companionship in a home-like setting. The professional staff works directly with residents and their families to assess individual needs and determine how to best address them. Amber Court Assisted Living Communities are committed to bringing the most beneficial level of care to their residents.