Dear Editor:

On December 9, 2017, I went to the Family Dollar Store, located at 450 North Broad Street looking for light bulbs.  I looked at the bulbs and did not see what I wanted.  As I left the store I was confronted by the Store Manager and was told that Security instructed her to detain me on suspicion of stealing.  While in the store (less than 2 minutes) I DID NOT TOUCH ANY ITEM IN THE STORE.  She said if I walked away they were going to call the police.

Once again I want to reiterate that I DID NOT TOUCH ANYTHING IN THE STORE!!!

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I asked to see the “security” person who was accusing me of something I obviously did not do.  I was refused that request.  I thought that facing your accuser was the least that I had a right to ask.  I just wanted to know what led this “security” person to ascertain that I did anything wrong.  It was snowing so I was wearing my coat and a hood.  Was the fact that I’m African-American and wearing a hood the reason I was stopped?  I’m 60 years old with a college degree and a job.  Do I believe I was profiled?  DEFINITELY!!!

I have filed a complaint with Family Dollar requesting a written explanation why I was singled out and stopped, questioned, denied my right to leave under threat of calling the police for something I DID NOT DO.

I’m still awaiting my written explanation and a formal written apology from this company.


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