ELIZABETH, NJ – The City Council Chambers were a sea of blue today, May 4, when firefighters and EMS personnel were honored in the Valor Award ceremony during Elizabeth Fire Department Day.

“You never think of getting a valor award,” said Mayor Christian Bollwage, addressing the honorees. “You are not thinking of being honored. You are just showing up and doing your job. You are just showing up and working that day, but your job entails saving lives and saving property, which is a testament to your ability and your training. Here, today we recognize, not only your commitment to saving lives or property, but all the work and training that went into making you a great firefighter or EMT. Here is something that the city can be extremely proud because your efforts show your commitment and sacrifice that has made our city better. As your mayor, I congratulate those receiving Valor Awards, but also I thank you for your commitment to service and commitment to our community.”

There are three classes of Valor Awards for firefighters: Class One involves extreme personal risk; Class Two involves great personal risk; and Class Three involves unusual personal risk. Fore Emergency Medical Services, there are three awards: Medal of Valor for any outstanding act above and beyond the call of duty involving imminent personal danger; Metitorious Service Medal for any highly unusual accomplishment with hazard to the EMT or where death or injury was prevented; Life Saving Award for an act performed in the line of duty that saved a life. A Letter of Commendation involves an act worthy of recognition involving fire, technical rescue, medical, off-duty, civilian assistance, or brotherhood.

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Those who received Class One Valor Award:

FF Oscar Barreto

Acting Capt.Steven Campbell

FF Stephen Gagliano

FF Jeffrey Gallicchio

FF Mark Gray

Capt. Gary Haszko

FF Sean Horton

Christopher Inzano

Capt. John Kuhn

FF Brendan McConway

Capt. Michael McConlogue

FF Dean Melachrinos

Capt. Charles Mooney

Capt. Edward Nicholson

FF Daniel Nina

FF Kieran Santa Maria

FF Edward Silva

FF Edward Sisk, Jr.

FF Harry Streep

Capt. William Vignali

Deputy Chief Lathey Wirkus

FF Patrick Wirkus

FF Ronald Zach

FF John Zapata

Class Two Valor Award Recipients:

FF David Bialas

FF Frank Blackford

FF Mario Borga

FF Emmett Brennan

Deputy Chief Daniel Campbell

Battalion Chief Walter Clarke Jr.

FF Giovanni Cerullo

FF Thomas Deckert

FF Richard Figueroa

PFF William Fischler

FF Thomas Fowler Jr.

Capt. Gary Haszko

FF Christopher Larsen

Acting Capt. Angel Medina

Capt. Frank Nocera

Deputy Chief Donald Peterson

Capt. Steven McConlogue

Capt. Daryl Robinson

FF Candido Santiago Jr.

Capt. Joseph Sherrier

FF Christopher Sinclair

Capt. William Vignali

FF John Walsh

FF Jose Zayas

Class Three Valor Award Recipients

FF Salvador Barreto

FF Vincent Bevilaque

Battalion Chief Jorge Chavez

FF Christopher Clarke

FF Gary Clutter

Capt. Brendan Cosgrove

FF Michael Francavilla

Capt. Joseph Lamorte Jr.

FF Ryan Lin

FF Nelson Navas

FF Patrick Palovcak

FF William Shaughnessy

FF Steven Traina

Letter of Commendation-Medical:

EMT Diana Arias

EMT Tanaya Atlantic

EMT Michael Barrett

FF Nicolas Batesta

EMT Matthew Blaskewicz

Capt. Austin Bauer

FF David Bialas

Capt. Brian Burke

EMT Alyson Caldwell

Capt. Brendan Cosgrove

FF Scott Clarke

EMT Tomas Cruz

EMT Ryan Dougherty

Capt. Sean Duffy

FF Joseph Duart

FF Jeremiah Guzzi

EMT Jose Espinal

FF Felix Estepa

Capt. William Feehan

FF Anthony Fanelli Jr.

EMT Carlos Gomez

FF Michael Guarino

FF John Gwaldis

Capt. Gerald Highsmith

Acting Capt. James Higgins

FF Sean Horton

FF Roberto Jimenez

Capt. Joseph Lamorte Jr.

EMT Matthew Lysy

Capt. Glenn Malcolm

EMS Supervisor Paul Markinson

FF Danny Menendez

EMT Joy McMullen

EMT Kevin Moran

FF Nelson Navas

FF Daryl Payne

FF Joseph Rigano

EMT Manuel Rodrigues

FF Jason Rodriguez

EMT Katherine Rodriguez

FF Emiliano Rosario

EMT Mark Santos

FF Christopher Sinclair

FF John Stephens

EMT Gregory Table

EMS Supervisor Shelly Trukowski

FF Alvin Vega

EMT Gregory Viparina

FF Patrick Wirkus

Letter of Commendation-Extrication:

FF Francisco Escobar

FF Ernesto Navas

Capt. Steve O’Gorman

Nicholas Sisk

Sean Sullivan

Patrick Wirkus

Letter of Commendation-Fire:

Capt. Robert Cash

FF Michael Guarino

Deputy Chief Carl Heitmeyer

Capt. Gary Haszko

Capt. John Jones

FF Juan Jurjo

Battalion Michael Mateiro

Chief Thomas McNamara

FF Timothy Mulroy

Capt. Edward Nicholson Jr.

Capt. Steve O’Gorman

Fire Official Christian Lysy

FF Omar Munoz

FF Fredy Roldan

Deputy Chief Andrew Sandoukas

Inspector Jose Santiago

FF Nicholas Sisk

Director Onofrio Vitullo

Letter of Commendation-EMS:

Chief Richard Biedrzycki

EMT Christopher Edmondson

EMS Supervisor Jason Hamilton

EMT Matthew Lysy

EMT Kevin Moran

Meritorious Service Award:

EMT Patricia Boyle

EMT Tomas Cruz

EMT Carlos Gomez

EMS Supervisor Paul Markinson

EMS Supervisor Shelly Trukowski

EMT Katherine Rodriguez

EMT Gregory Table

PFANJ Citation:

Battalion Chief Salvatore Barraco

FF Michael Donahue

Capt. Michael Fanelli

FF Elvin Garcia

Capt. Alfredo Irizarry

FF Kenneth Nocera

FF Nazareno Reina

FF Alex Rios

FF Stephen Rooke

FF Robert Scott

FF Alexander Torres

Carp. William Vignali

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