ELIZABETH, NJ – Ethics charges filed against Board of Education member Tony Monteiro were found to be “not frivolous” by the New Jersey Department of Education School of Ethics Commission, and the complaint has been referred to the Office of Administrative Law.

The ethics charge stems from two emails, Memorial Day and Mother’s Day messages, sent by Monteiro from his personal email account. The emails, which were signed by Monteiro and Giulano Farina, running mates in last spring’s Assembly primary race, were sent to residents who had communicated to Monteiro about board business. On June 2, an Elizabeth parent Cristina Moreira filed the complaint claiming misuse of personal emails for campaign use. A response was filed Aug. 14 claiming the charge was frivolous.

The commission subsequently voted that the charge had credence, and the matter was passed to the Office of Administrative Law, where a hearing for these allegations has yet to be scheduled.

“All the School Ethics Commission has done so far is to pass the matter along for a hearing,” Monteiro said. “It did not think that the complaint was so frivolous that it should be dismissed out of hand, but it has certainly not found any wrongdoing on my part or even determined the truth of the facts which are alleged. I feel extremely confident that when this matter is heard by an Administrative Law Judge, which is the next step, that it will be thrown out in its entirety.”