ELIZABETH, NJ – Family Fun & Fitness Day at the Gateway YMCA certainly lived up to its name September 26 as dozens of families packed the gym on Madison Avenue.

“The goal of the event is to promote health and well-being to the community through fun activities and to showcase the programs and staff at the Y,” said Raphael Cano, the YMCA’s director of membership wellness. “It’s giving back to the community as we are a community organization.”

Visitors checked their BMI (Body Mass Index), learned about food groups, measured how far they could jump, and played Food Group Jeopardy. In another game, the child is blindfolded and had to guess what vegetable he or she was holding. At the next table, cards were face down. The player would pick a card and have to perform the exercise listed on the other side. Rethink Your Drink educated children to the hidden calories in unhealthy drinks. Dozens of children took part in the hula hoop contest that took up most of the gym floor.