ELIZABETH, NJ – The Leadership Program at Josephine’s Place on Elizabeth Avenue celebrated the end of their sessions with a Valentine’s Day Tea Party and Craft Project.

According to the class’s leader, Namrta Shah, the program is composed of five sessions, each with a different emphasis: an introduction defining a leader and its importance; communication skills; team-building; problem-solving; and self-confidence and self-esteem. “The final project was planned by them,” said Shah. “They wanted a Valentine’s Day Tea Party. They made the invitation, decided who was going to bring what. They took ownership.”  

Planning the event allowed the group to use all the skills they developed in class. “They had to communicate with each other and work together to make sure everyone brought something in, so they all had an integral piece.”

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A second Leadership Program will begin March 2, and the teachers will be the first session’s graduates.

Josephine’s Place is a drop-in center dedicated to women. It is located at 622 Elizabeth Avenue.