ELIZABETH, NJ- It was the perfect day for ice cream, as the residents and police who gathered at the Magic Fountain May 19 could tell you.

The event was Soft Serve with Officers, a Police Week celebration hosted by the City of Elizabeth. "This is a community outreach that we want to continue to do, to relax, where people can chill, have a good time, and ask questions,” said Darren Bryden of the city’s public information department.

This first annual event came about as a way to acknowledge the city's police officers. "Linden did a Coffee with the Cops, so I thought why not ice cream?" Said Ruby Conteras, also of the city’s public information department.

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"Magic Fountain is a real destination in Elizabeth. This is something positive between the community and our police officers. It's a chance for everyone to come, have open conversations, to realize that the officers, are people, too, and that they shouldn't be afraid to say hi."

For five-year-old Amare Moore, six-year-old Adriel Gachineiro, and seven-year-old Tyler Samuel, it was all about the ice cream. They went for the basics -- vanilla. Although Amare did initially ask for a Minion.

But, as usual, the best is left for last. Six-year-old Juliette Felix cast the deciding vote, “The best part is when it is melting.”