This is the seventh in a series of profiles written by the candidates running for the Board of Education. TAPinto Elizabeth offered all 10 candidates an opportunity to present their qualifications and goals if elected. Nine responded, and they will be featured one each day.

Sima Farid, a Board of Education candidate, is profiled here.

My name is Sima Farid. ,I am a candidate running for the  Elizabeth School Board. As a social worker, I’ve advocated for those in need for over two decades. I’ve earned bachelor's and master’s degrees in social work from Kean University, and an associate in applied sciences and have received several awards for my work as a humanitarian.  I understand ​the needs and dynamics in our community and enjoy giving back in many ways, volunteering regularly, and assisting those in need to receive community resources and entitlements to ensure needs are met.

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 As a proud parent, I’ve enjoyed being an actively involved PTO member  for over ten years, and it has been an honor to serve as PTO president for two area schools, collaborating  with the school community on events and advocating and raising awareness for those in need. It’s been an honor to have been recognized numerous times by the Elizabeth Board of Education for my involvement and participation in the district. In this role I’ve demonstrated proven leadership and community building qualities needed while working with thousands of students and families.

I feel most qualified to serve on the school board as I am focused on what counts most, the children and have an effective ability to communicate and break down barriers. 

Political corruption is the most important issue facing this election and there’s NO room for politics in making decisions affecting children. I’m not naïve and understand nothing can be changed overnight. I’d work hard to ensure people are hired not because they contributed to political campaigns, but because of their qualifications. I’d advocate to ensure the quality of education and safety in our district is not compromised due to political interference, governance or  corruption and contracts are not awarded as favors, but in the best interest of our district. 

 Other issues of importance include the safety and security of children while in the districts care. Children shouldn’t be knowingly exposed to leaded water due to lack of transparency and delayed action by a school board. If elected, I’ll strongly advocate for swift action in circumstances of health and safety concerns for our district. Children’s safety should be the number one concern, yet security presence in our schools  is decreasing rather than increasing. I’ll  work hard to ensure the school community is safe and advocate for proper training.

 If elected, I’ll work hard to build consensus amongst commissioners  on matters most important to our school community while pushing them to put aside their personal and political interests for the betterment of the district. I’m an excellent facilitator, able to work with diverse populations to find common ground. My goal is to rid our schools of political interference and, if trusted with your vote, I pledge to work hard with each and every board member, the superintendent and our community to improve the quality of education and services available to our students.  It would be an honor to serve our district.

Please Vote for #8 on November 8​th.