We received a campaign flyer filled with serious "None Truths" about Assemblyman Jamel Holley from "Elizabeth Forward 1324 N. Ave." 

Those who sent it are ignorant of the facts, or, outright lying. We attended every session of the the Bullock trial regarding absentee ballots. The premise was based on  the confusion caused by a newly instituted process for absentee voting. During the trial, the names of Cecilia Ricks, Jamel Holly and  Rose Bullock, were regularly mentioned for their handling absentee ballots.

We have the quotes of the Judges' decisions:

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"Submitted: September 19, 2007 - Decided:

Before Judges Axelrad, Payne and Messano

1. Dansereau won in the general election in November 2006. We affirm.

2. I've made my findings now where I've concluded that 28 of the 31 absentee votes were invalidated as a result of wrongful actions of the Bullock campaign, wrongful, not fraudulent, wrongful actions and carelessness of the voters in giving their ballots to those associated with the Bullock campaign.

3. The court found the voters acted "perhaps unwittingly, but nonetheless violated the [A]ct placing their votes in danger of invalidation by their haphazard manner of delivery," which was the "responsibility of the voter as well [as] whoever they handed the ballot to." 

In fact, it was this case that had the process of absentee voting revised and refined. The key words the judge used were:

 "wrongful, not fraudulent, wrongful actions and carelessness of the voters."

The Flyer we received says it was "illegal" "tampering" "absentee ballot fraud"

Really, that's not what it was, now was it?

The three names in this absentee ballot wrong doings situation: were Holly, Ricks, & Bullock.  The "Elizabeth Forward" campaign managed to omit in their flyer, it seems to us, a candidate for office, and a mother of a candidate. Could that be because they are funding the latter two?

So, what is the "Paid for by Elizabeth Forward" mailer  trying to convey: IGNORANT NON FACTS or DELIBERATE  LIES about Holly?  

Arlene Murphy

Richard Lenihan