As we welcome the New Year, I would like to convey my best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year to all the Jewish patients, house staff, and their families at Overlook Medical Center. Of note, the hospital has facilitated accommodations to make the hospital more friendly to our constituents.

Overlook Medical Center designated a front entrance Shabbos door with non-electrical entry, as well as a designated Shabbos elevator for access to the in-patient floors.  A Kosher food cabinet is available to patrons outside the hospital cafeteria.

During Succos, I want everyone to be aware that Overlook Medical Center has a Succah on premises with a Kosher lulav and esrog which the hospital invites everyone to use. Additionally, Overlook Medical Center has Jewish chaplains who stand ready to assist during hospital stays.

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Warmest personal regards,

Rabbi Nathan Zemel, M.D.

Department of Pastoral Care, Overlook Medical Center

and Medical Director, Hatzalah Emergency Services