ELIZABETH, NJ – Trinitas Regional Medical Center has completed Phase 1 of a three-phase expansion and renovation project of its existing emergency department. The $18 million project is expected to be completed in 2017. 

Begun in 2015, the new Emergency Department will have a total of 45 treatment rooms, up from its current 28, and separate treatment areas for families, children, and seniors. In addition, the expansion project, which totals 24,000 sq. ft., will add three new beds to the existing Intensive Care Unit.

“Since we experience more than 73,000 emergency visits annually --- a 40 percent increase over the past 15 years --- our Trinitas Emergency Department is one of the busiest in the state,” explained Gary S. Horan, FACHE, President and Chief Executive Officer.  “The Emergency Department was expanded when Trinitas opened its doors in January 2000 following the consolidation of St. Elizabeth Hospital and Elizabeth General Medical Center.  Fifteen years ago, we were treating approximately 29,000 visits.  Since that time, the community has increasingly relied on us for emergency care services.  This current expansion is our continuing dedication to the health of our community.” 

Phase 1 includes the location of a new 128-slice CT Scanner next to the Emergency Department, reducing the length of time for scanning services and delivery of results to patients.The CT scanner delivers less radiation per study, decreases the amount of contrast administered intravenously, and performs faster scanning that results in more rapid generation of images for radiologist access and review. All of these improvements translate into reduced treatment time which then reduces patient anxiety and stress in the emergency setting.