In this time of COVID-19, preventing the spread and reducing the risk of contact with resistant organisms including MRSA, VRE, CRE, and Acinetobacter is perhaps more important than ever.

At Trinitas, our commitment to cleanliness involves a sterilizing process with the Surfacide Disinfection UV-C system. This evidence-based, automated disinfection system uses UV-C rays to disinfect all surfaces all over the hospital, including patient rooms and all procedural areas, such as Operating Room, Labor & Delivery, Emergency Department, Ambulatory Surgery, Intensive Care Units and all general patient units.

Easily transported and movable throughout the facility, Surfacide is designed for infection prevention, operational efficiency and convenience. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Trinitas has invested in an additional Surfacide unit, totaling approximately $200,000 for both units, to ensure the safety of all patients, visitors, and staff members.

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Before the Surfacide disinfection process can be performed, the unoccupied room or area must first be terminally cleaned and disinfected manually using bleach wipes. Emitters are then positioned around the room or area to be disinfected and UV-C energy is delivered to the area, which is controlled remotely with a Bluetooth tablet. The operator receives notification on the tablet when the disinfection cycle is complete because each room, depending on the size of the space and contents of the room, requires a different duration cycle.

“The Surfacide UV-C disinfection system has added to our already aggressive and effective cleaning procedures at Trinitas,” says Karen Brody BSN, RN, Infection Preventionist. “Reducing risks for infection for our patients is very important to Trinitas and this UV-C disinfection system is an added tool in that fight. Through the use of this product combined with the efforts of our environmental services team, we are putting patient safety first and ensuring a cleaner and safer hospital environment.”

Jeff Bahar, Director of Environmental, Patient Transport and Linen Services, says that many patients and their family members have been impressed when introduced to Surfacide. He adds, “Trinitas’ capital investment in the Surfacide UV-C Disinfection system clearly reinforces and demonstrates the medical center’s deep commitment to ensuring positive medical care outcomes for the community.”

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