Dear Editor:

As a daily commuter into New York City it is important that the Elizabeth Train Station is a safe place for my fellow commuters. I was appalled when the other day as I was entering the New York-bound elevator there was a man stretched out sleeping in the elevator.  Folks were stepping lightly as to avoid contact.  Who knew if this person had a weapon or would react violently. I went to the ticket office to inform NJ Transit personnel of the situation. On Friday evening last week when arriving from New York there were so many lights out on the platform that it posed a danger and the fear that if there was someone bent on crime no one would see it from the street.

I describe these instances to say this. If any plans to develop the area around the train station is to be successful, people need to have a sense of safety and security. It is my hope that Governor Murphy will renew efforts that were announced, with great fanfare to build a new Elizabeth Train Station by Senator Menendez, Senator Booker and Mayor Bollwage. Somehow, the former Governor and the NJ Transit Board scuttled the plan for now.

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Please Governor Murphy, put the rehabilitation of the Elizabeth Train Station back on the fast track.  I am sure that the thousands of my fellow Elizabethans would appreciate having a new, safe station that our city deserves


Jesse Lewis, Jr..