I commute to my job in NYC every day utilizing NJ Transit at the Elizabeth Train Station.  In the past few weeks the area around the station has become very disturbing to me.

I usually utilize the elevator in the morning.  This week alone, when the elevator doors open there has been homeless people sleeping in the elevator.  I have made the personnel in the Ticket Office aware of this.  Also, the elevator seems to be a bathroom for these people, it smells of urine and people actually defecate in the elevator.  I don't know who has ultimate jurisdiction over the station as far as public safety goes, however NJT and the Elizabeth Police should coordinate to ensure the safety of the people using the trains and NJT should be held to account for station cleanliness.  That's the issue in the AM.

In the PM there is another issue.  I know that the plaza is a public space but riders like me have to endure people openly drinking alcohol, smoking illegal drugs and sitting on the steps.  They won't move, so we have to step over them.  Asking them to move invites a risk to an individual's safety.

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I know that the city is developing in the area.  I have to say honestly that I would not consider moving into these developments considering the present situation around the station.  A Transit Village is a noble undertaking; however, until the public has a feeling of safety, decent people will think twice about living there.

Hopefully, a concerted effort from both NJT and the city addressing the issues commuters face on a daily basis will improve the area surrounding the train station.