As I sit here and watch the various politicians running for Federal, State County and Local offices I notice that they all have something to say about the pain Americans are suffering.  The pain of discrimination and age bias in various ways, the pain of being unemployed or underemployed, the pain of medical conditions, the pain of violence, the pain of income inequality, the pain of becoming homeless, the pain of family separations at the border, the pain of being sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I am one of the people who is presently in PAIN!

I am a sixty-two-year-old, able-bodied black man with a college degree.  I have been working since I was fourteen years old.  It seems that at my stage of life, the politicians would rather have me cast a vote for them, rather than alleviating my pain.

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I have been looking for a job since January.  I have applied online, had appointments with recruiters, who in my view only see a sixty-two-year-old black man who has no value, despite years of experience.  I have participated in phone screens and video calls.  They only see a sixty-two-year-old black man.  I have been on interviews and answered all the questions about my experience and left feeling good about myself and my hopes have been dashed by folks who only see a sixty-two-year-old black man.

I have written to my Federal, State, County, and Local politicians and if they respond, all I get is “hopes and prayers and they feel my pain.  

I am only a few days away from being out on the street, another homeless person who will be stepped over my the same politicians who want my vote to keep them in power, to keep them in the pockets of the big donors, lobbyists and special interests.  The people who will not consider hiring a sixty-two-year-old black man with a lot to offer and a college degree.

I know that in the minds of many when you reach a certain age, you should be put out to pasture.  In my case, I am a healthy, viable human being, not a farm animal.  In America, I should not have my choices limited to pasture, homelessness or death, just because I’m a sixty-two-year-old black man with a degree that no one wants anymore.