ELIZABETH, NJ - Seventy-nine students received their nursing diplomas from the Trinitas School of Nursing for what would have been the 162nd Convocation Ceremony on May 28, 2020. Although a typical ceremony was not held, 68 women and 11 men became eligible to sit for the registered nurse licensing exam. Their photos were taken individually by Grace Photography and graphic design magic was made to create the class photo.

“The Trinitas School of Nursing is so proud of the second graduating class of the new decade, Class of May 2020,” said Rose Santee, Dean of the Trinitas School of Nursing, which is affiliated with Union County College, and also awards Associates in Science Degrees to the graduates.

“We are very proud of our students, our faculty and staff, and our photographer, Grace Photography, for doing this professional work during a very challenging situation and practicing all precautions including screening, social distancing, hand-washing, and masking (except for graduates at actual photo taking but still socially distant).”  

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Graduates of the School of Nursing include:

Ivy Akrofi, Hillside, NJ; Jessica L. Alvarez, Elizabeth, NJ; Daryan A. Alves, Rahway, NJ; Elijah M. Alviola, Union, NJ; Nakysha Araujo, Roselle, NJ; Areli D. Ayala, Elizabeth, NJ; Michael J. Brent, Staten Island, NY; Kristina M. Burgess, Linden, NJ; Laura M. Calavano, Clark, NJ; Andrea C. Calderon, Elizabeth, NJ; Joseph Cana, Linden, NJ; Isabel C. Castillo, Elizabeth, NJ; Anna Cato, Staten Island, NY; Micol J. Clarke, Union, NJ; Cristina M. Couto-Ferreira, Kenilworth, NJ; Valezka L. Cruz, Elizabeth, NJ; Cedrick Paul D. Dagdagan, Scotch Plains, NJ; Sasha V Daniel, Pomona NY; Maria C. DeCastro Ramon, Roselle Pak, NJ; Vannaelle Decius, Union, NJ; Estaury Delacruz, Rahway, NJ; Emilia Dymko, Garfield, NJ; Pradel G. Emmanuel Jr., Irvington, NJ; Jo-Arabelle Dysico Flores, Union, NJ; Amparo Garcia, Elizabeth, NJ; Anastasia M. Geardino, Parlin, NJ; Jacquelyn Gorobets, Staten Island, NY; Nekeisha K. Grant, West Orange, NJ; Angie Geraldine Gualteros, Elizabeth, NJ; Sharon A. Henderson, Hillside, NJ; Shyane M. Howe, Union, NJ; Teon S. Isaacs, Elizabeth, NJ; Audeline Jean, West Orange, NJ; Valarmathi Ketheswaran, Staten Island, NY; Kathrina Kuzin, Union, NJ; Agnieszka Kwasnik, Linden, NJ; Carl D. Llamoso, Hillside, NJ; Mariel F. Loaiza, Union, NJ; Sara A. Lombardi, Linden, NJ; Martina Macenkova, Linden, NJ; Julia G. Madrid, Elizabeth, NJ; Anisah F. Mayers, Rahway, NJ; Sheree M. Mitchell, Long Island City, NY; Xenia M. Molina, Elizabeth, NJ; Maria M. Montaner, Elizabeth, NJ; Sandra Munoz, Scotch Plains, NJ; Kermelle Nelzy, Brooklyn, NY; Reshma Nizzari, Brooklyn, NY; Nayel Olivares-Pena, Newark, NJ; Eric Padilla, Staten Island, NY; Rumbidzayi O. Padzarondora, Springfield, NJ; Mary J. Paguirigan, Linden, NJ; Elsa M. Pardo, Newark, NJ; Melania Perez, Clark, NJ; Guerschom Philippe, Elizabeth, NJ; Janelle Phillips, Plainfield, NJ; David J. Rivera, North Bergen, NJ; Stephanie Rose Rivera, North Bergen, NJ; Rimavely Almonte Rodriguez, Linden, NJ; Cheryl Ryan, Elizabeth, NJ; Karem Saldana, West Orange, NJ; Aida Saleski, Springfield, NJ; Abigail Samonte, Union, NJ; Dana Scott, Hillside, NJ; Peterson Sejour, Irvington, NJ; Milton Israel Siguenza Campoverde, Hamilton, NJ; Michelle L. Spoon, Hillside, NJ; Justine N. Stratton, Staten Island, NY; Osoul Abdulbaset Taha, Paterson, NJ; Mariam S. Toure, Sicklerville, NJ; Michelle L. Uchin, Elizabeth, NJ; Tannia P. Vega, North Bergen, NJ; Juan G. Viteri, Glendale, NY; Francine Waite-Middleton, Brooklyn, NY; Daria Janina Waluga, Roselle, NJ; Tyeesha R. White, Vauxhall, NJ; Alla Alice Yegereva, Staten Island, NY; Khrystyna Yurchyshyn, Carteret, NJ; and Diana L. Zambrano, Roselle, NJ.

Awards were given to graduates as follows:

First Scholarship Award – Rumbidzayi O. Padzarondoroa – Springfield, NJ

Second Scholarship Award – Sandra Munoz – Scotch Plains, NJ

Auxiliary Award – Guerschom Philippe – Elizabeth, NJ

2020 Nursing Service Professional Transformation Award– Joseph Cana, Linden, NJ

Lily Bierstein Memorial Award – Laura M. Calavano, Clark, NJ

Gerontological Nursing Award – Milton Israel Siguenza – Hamilton, NJ

Alumni Association Award – Aida Saleski - Springfield, NJ

Curtis Crumbley Memorial Award – Jacqueline Gorobets - Staten Island, NY

Naeisha Massenburg Memorial Award – Francine Waite-Middleton-Brooklyn, NY

George F. Billington Leadership Award – Maria M. Montaner – Elizabeth, NJ

Emily H. Wall Memorial Award – Sharon A. Henderson - Hillside, NJ

Daisy Award – Jessica L. Alvarez – Elizabeth, NJ

Trinitas School of Nursing, operated jointly by Trinitas Regional Medical Center and Union County College, currently holds full accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN), and the New Jersey State Board of Nursing. The National League for Nursing has awarded the School of Nursing a third designation as a Center of Excellence in Nursing Education status for the years 2015 - 2020 for Creating Environments that Enhance Student Learning and Professional Development. The School also holds a 20-year, 40-class national licensing examination (NCLEX) passage rate of 86.30% on first writing.