HACKENSACK - In the season of giving, the Bergen County Sheriff's Office is asking for public support of its frozen turkey and non-perishable food request.
The Center for Food Action and other organizations are asking for 1,500 turkeys, a goal supported by the Sheriff's Office.

Tax deductible monetary donations are accepted, as well, made payable to PBA Local 134 Civic Association.

Frozen turkey and non-perishable food drop-off are requested at the following location:
Saturday, November 11, 2017 - 10 am to 3 pm
Bergen County Jail, 160 South River Street, Hackensack

Sponsored by the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff’s PBA Local #134
For more information contact:
BCSO Community Outreach
Officer Aimee Mehnert
201-336-3540 amehnert@bcsd.us
Officer Aret Yeseltepe
201-602-9845 ayeseltepe@bcsd.us