Candidate Night Statements from Mayoral Candidate Sanjiv Ohri 

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Thank you to League of Women Voters for this forum. 

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Hi, I am Sanjiv Ohri, and I am running for Mayor of Glen Rock. Like many of you, my wife and I moved to Glen Rock 16 years ago to raise our family. My son and daughter recently graduated from Glen Rock HS.

For the last 12 years, I’ve been privileged to serve our community as a School Board of Education Trustee. On the school board, I have served on many committees:

  • Finance committee managing $51M
  • Teacher’s contract negotiation
  • School Security 

And several others. 

As an elected Glen Rock Board of Education Trustee,  I have strived to govern with strong ethics and complete transparency.

As Mayor, my focus will be on “bringing the conversation back to Glen Rock” and emphasizing local issues that matter to our residents. My primary goal will be to champion solutions that matter to ALL residents and to our valued business community. 

I will work on behalf of ALL Glen Rock residents to bring important issues to the forefront, and work together to find common-sense based solutions.

As Mayor of our community, I will continue to exemplify the traits of transparency and inclusion, and establish realistic long-term goals that will be beneficial to Glen Rock. My BOE experience and collaborative approach give me a solid foundation in executing the responsibilities of the office of Mayor.

I want the two governing bodies to work more collaboratively and I know how to do that.  I can bridge the gap and make our tax dollars work harder for us.

We need to bring the conversation back to Glen Rock and focus on our local issues and challenges.  Our limited time and resources need to be prioritized on issues that impact our day today lives vs. issues like the removal of Columbus Day or other issues that foster division.

We need to ensure that key decisions impacting us are communicated in a timely, transparent manner as opposed to pushing decisions such as the switch to a different electricity provider or the current affordable housing proposal.

Some of my key focus areas will be:

  • Fixing our fields
  • Addressing both senior and affordable housing options
  • Managing our Municipal taxes more efficiently
  • Improve safety around town by taking some simple steps like:
  • Install speed-reading devices

In closing, I thank you all for giving my team members, Eric and Michelle, and me the opportunity to speak before you today. Thank you for your strong support. Your one valuable vote for me can get both of us (me and current Councilwoman Kristine Morieko) to serve you. 

Please vote on November 5th.

 God Bless America!