FAIR LAWN - Democrats 2000, a young Democrat fundraising group in NJ, endorsed Fair Lawn Resident Josh Reinitz, 40, a candidate for Borough Council. 

Reinitz is one of 48 young Democrats running for election this cycle to be endorsed by the group. Also included on the list are Assemblyman Joe Lagana of District 38 and candidate Jannie Chung running for election in neighboring District 39. Reinitz is running for a three-year term on the council along with Gail Rottenstrich.

"It is truly an honor to be endorsed by Democrats 2000. I was there in the late '90s when they were in the early stages of becoming a force in New Jersey and its very rewarding to see this come full circle. To be included on a list with talent like Joe Lagana is humbling and I thank Democrats 2000 for its faith in my leadership," Reinitz said.

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Democrats 2000 endorsed​ ​​​the 48​ ​young​ ​Democrats​ ​under​ ​the ​age​ ​​of ​40​ ​running​ ​for​ public​ ​​office​ ​across​ New​ Jersey on Aug. 30.

"We are proud to announce the endorsement of 48 amazing young Democratic candidates who we know will bring good government and fresh new ideas to public service in legislative districts, counties, and municipalities across New Jersey," said Jon Chebra and Matt Bonasia, co-presidents of Democrats 2000. "For the past two decades, Democrats 2000 has been raising money to help young candidates punch through the competition and reach the voters of New Jersey, and we look forward to supporting our endorsed candidates this year and celebrating their successes ​on​ ​​November​ ​7."