FAIR LAWN, NJ - The Planning Board will be discussing the Topps property, 22-02 Fair Lawn Avenue at tonight's meeting scheduled for 7:30 p.m. at Borough Hall.

At the March 11 meeting, the Board discussed the Dollar Tree property across the street from Topps on the corner of Plaza Road and Fair Lawn Avenue. Topps was on the agenda that evening, but lawyers for the Dollar Tree property took up most of the meeting attempting to convince the Board they were not prepared for the meeting, despite ample notice.

The discussions are focused on whether the properties should be deemed as "areas in need of redevelopment," which could force the hands of the owners to make substantial improvements or possibly sell to a developer. As private property, the owners' responsibility is merely to meet local code and property maintenance standards, which officials and residents question whether or not they have.

Either way, the borough has been pushing the Deals property owner to make improvements for 20 years, while the Topps property was remediated and has been vacant for a substantial number of years.