GLEN ROCK, NJ - The grand marshals for this year's July 4 parade are within the 125th anniversary theme of the town--they are individuals who have lived in town the longest.

Glen Rock is honoring residents who have lived in the borough for over 50 years -- a long list of almost 200 names. Those few living in town the longest have been selected as Grand Marshals for this year’s parade.  

Glen Rock has been listed as a very desirable town in which to raise a family in a recent state-wide poll, according to organizers of the 125th anniversary. 

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"It takes more than just a poll - it took our residents whose efforts and enthusiasm were invaluable in the development of the town," organizers said in a press release. "They put their talent, expertise, love of the suburban life, respect and commitment to their community [above all]. They have all had a hand in what Glen Rock is today – many of them are living in town for [more than] fifty years. They have left us a legacy and they are the ones from whom we benefit to this day."

These residents – living in town for the most years – have been selected as Grand Marshals for the Fourth of July Parade.  

Grand Marshals--Years in Town

James Seaton--90; John Little--85; Jacqueline Kort--84; Patricia Little--83; Harold Knapp, Jr.--83; Nancy Mapes--82; Anne Allen--81; Charles Spina--80; John Van Keuren--78; Barbara Biagi--78; Luanne Ramsay--77; William Lautermilch--75; Margaret Jane Budd--75; Philip Brustlin--73; Philip Gulmy--71; Robert Croland--70; Charles Ruthberg--70