GLEN ROCK, NJ - The Glen Rock Board of Education is holding a question and answer session this evening, February 20 at the middle/high school media center from 7 to 8 p.m. regarding the middle and high school pending principal restructure.

On February 11, Superintendent Brett Charleston announced the Glen Rock Board of Education is considering a new administrative structure after both the middle school and high school principals announced their resignation and retirement at the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

Charleston suggested the district go to one principal for the middle and high school, which share the same building. The district is currently operating with two separate principals for the middle school and high school. 

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The new structure would include two assistant principals, one for the middle school and the other for the high school, along with three additional supervisors in the subject areas of tech/media, language arts and math. Charleston said he would like to hire an additional two supervisors the following year for a total of five for grades K-12. There would be the addition of an assistant superintendent, as well, to share in the administrative oversight of the supervisors and directors in three areas: curriculum, special services and guidance.

Charleston assured the public at the meeting the budget would remain within the state allowed 2% cap.

"The Board of Education anticipates going to the 2% budgetary cap," he said in an email a few days after the meeting. "Within that cap, the BOE is able to fund the proposal should we proceed with implementing it."

Parents attending the February 11 board meeting had varying opinions of the one principal idea.

"This is a terrible idea," district parent Karen Stevenson said. "You have 10-year-old girls in the same building with 18-year-old men. Middle schools and high schools each have their own unique issues. Two principals supports two different schools."

Resident Sandy Stern said she appreciated the Board had "robust" discussions regarding the restructuring and understood they could not talk about it prior to February 11 because it involved matters of personnel, but she hoped the board would have more public discussions.

Those public discussions will happen tonight, February 20.

Stern said the needs of middle school students versus high school students are so vast that she does not think such a person for one building-one principal concept exists.

Another resident, Heidi Ryan said she was excited about the restructure, while praising the superintendent for his transparency.

"I don't think the middle school had its own identity," she said.

Three other district parents spoke, as well, stressing public discussion and bringing in teachers to talk about their thoughts on the matter.

"I appreciate your progressive ideas," Allison Bloomfield said. "I'm upset about removing a principal, but I'd like to see all the job descriptions. You don't want this to be too much of a burden on the one principal."