“No matter what happens on November 5th we have to remember we will still be neighbors… I’m sure I will still be volunteering on November 6th.” – Michelle Torpey

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My name is Michelle Torpey.  I have earned the right to keep my seat on the Borough Council. Our campaign has been a grassroots effort. Donations, mostly small, funded our campaign. Lots of support from caring people like you.  People of all ages I met volunteering -- over the past 20 years.  A BIG thanks to you. And to all the Glen Rockers who opened their doors to me. 

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You took the time to listen to me. I listened to you. 

  • You told me what you want from a Council member.
  • You told me what you need from a Council member.

Some of you may not know 

  • I am a parent of 3 school age children
  • I work two part-time jobs to help pay the bills
  • And I care for an ailing parent

I balance jobs, family and being an active volunteer… like many of you.

My goal is to make your life less stressful. I promise to work hard For All Glen Rockers. Please give me your vote!  Let me continue the work I started for YOU on the Council. 

Thank you for your time tonight. Thank you to the other candidates and the League of Women Voters. Thank you to my husband Joe and my kids, Caroline, Claire & Dan for their understanding and support.

Thank you for listening to my team’s ideas and how we can affect the local issues important to this town… Many of them unresolved:

Issues called out in our Master Plan like:

  • Solving the AFFORDABLE HOUSING challenge with residents
  • FIXING FABER field for the long term
  • Taking a HOLISTIC BUDGET MANAGEMENT approach by working closely with the Board of Education to minimize duplication 
  • Increasing shared services both with the Board of Education and with other towns
  • Ensuring we put TRAFFIC SAFETY measures in place-- whether it is helping our children, commuters or fixing dangerous intersections
  • Having a long-term plan to support our FIRST RESPONDERS
  • SUPPORTING GREEN INITIATIVES, BUT ALLOWING YOU TO DECIDE if you want to opt into costly energy programs and not just be forced in

Elected Council officials are servants representing all residents.  I am a Glen Rock resident first and want to do what is best for you. That often means not rubber-stamping agenda items and not always choosing the easiest path. 

It means rolling up your sleeves and getting things done, when others say you cannot. 

I want to thank my friends, supporters and neighbors for all their help over the past few months to help get our message out.  No matter what happens on November 5th we have to remember we will still be neighbors.  And, win or lose, I’m sure I will still be volunteering on November 6th.

To close, if you are frustrated with the town direction and are looking for change–  Vote for Eric, Sanjiv and I-- as we are focused on Glen Rock and we have a proven history of active, local, leadership. We want a Glen Rock for All.