GLEN ROCK – The Borough Council is considering raising nonresident fees for commuter parking from $110 to $125 per month.

Mayor Bruce Packer said the administration will research commuter rates before the ordinance is placed on the agenda.

On Oct. 4, the council made two separate motions – one to keep the resident parking fee flat, and the second to raise it for nonresidents.

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The following is proposed: parking fees will remain the same for residents at $150 for the first vehicle and $80 for the second. This fee has remained flat since it was raised $5 in 2016 after remaining at $145 for the first vehicle from 2013 to 2015.

The council made a second motion to raise the nonresident annual fee to $1,250, which is $125 per month – up 1 percent from the 2016 rate of $110 per month or $1,100 annually.

Officials said that they were “on track” for annual revenue for the nonresident rate, but for the resident rate, revenue was 30 percent lower than their expectations for the year.

Some council members agreed to raise the nonresident fee and keep the resident fee flat.

Packer suggested a 10 percent increase in the nonresident fee to reflect a $1,200 annual charge, which reflects an increase of $110 to $120 per month, which most council members agreed was a “fair number.”

Council President Amy Martin did not agree with the increase.

“I think that’s a lot,” she said. “I think 10 percent is a lot to raise it, I would say 5 percent.”

A motion was made to keep resident rates the same as 2016 with Councilman Skip Huisking dissenting.

The council made a second motion to increase fees for nonresidents to reflect $1,250 per annum and $125 per month with Martin declining to vote. She said she’d rather review the rates in other towns before voting on it.