I have had the honor and privilege of Teresa’s unconditional friendship for 56 years. She has always been an inspiration and I can attest to her knowledge, perseverance, dedication, loyalty and ability to modify and see issues from a variety of standpoints.

Teresa has always been an excellent student. She earned her MBA and joined Prudential’s management team. Teresa rose through the ranks culminating in her position as Global Chief Compliance Officer.

All the years I have known her she has been a force to reckon with. In an ever- changing world, Teresa never succumbed or complained when presented with new challenges. She simply buckled down and persevered.

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Teresa is a loyal family member, friend and businesswoman who has striven to be upright and trustworthy. She can be depended on in any situation.

Her international business travels have allowed her to view situations from a multitude of angles. Teresa has always had the ability to pause, contemplate and to form a decision from a well- researched platform.

Teresa loves Glen Rock. She cares deeply about the issues that affect every one of its residents. She is dedicated, committed and impeccably honest. 56 years is a long time to know someone. I know that my friend Teresa Gilbreath would make an excellent councilwoman.