GLEN ROCK, NJ – An alleyway along Rock Road known as “The Alcove” is being considered for a facelift.

The Borough Council’s planner displayed drawings of the Alcove, located between and the Rock Ridge Pharmacy on Feb. 28.

Centrally located, the alleyway is an “untapped resource,” according to planner Ed Snieckus.

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“It’s grown tired and outdated,” Snieckus said. “We’ve pulled together some ideas to improve the aesthetics.”

Snieckus recommended adding pavers, a series of interchangeable murals, bike racks, tables and chairs, solar charging stations, a staging area for a small band, and extra lighting for night.

“It will give everyone as many reasons as possible to come to our downtown,” Mayor Bruce Packer said.

With the help of the Central Business District Committee, Packer said there may be grant monies available, although there was no price tag attached to the proposed plan.

The mayor said the council put aside $50,000 in last year’s budget for the renovation but believes after donations and grants, “it will cost taxpayers very little.”

The council has not yet made a decision about how to revamp the space.