GLEN ROCK, NJ - Faber Field is again on the Borough Council's agenda, Wednesday, Oct. 23, when the Council will likely receive the approximate price tag to rehabilitate the lower and upper fields which have fallen into disrepair in spite of attempts to make them playable for young athletes and the public at large.

On Oct. 7, the council discussed several ideas to revamp the area, including adding a concession building, bathrooms, a walk path, lighting and constructing a combination of turf and grass fields. The council determined they wanted costs of the various plans presented by its field construction expert, Carl O'Brien, before they could make a decision.

"We need a scope," councilwoman Amy Martin said at the Oct. 7 work session. "We need a ballpark range of cost; what is the bare bones project, a midrange plan and a plan with all the bells and whistles."

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Glen Rock Recreation Director Katie Frey said she has "no preference" on what the council chooses, whether it's all grass, all turf, or a combination of both.

"Considering cost, turf may be the better option because it's longer lasting," she said. "But turf means your lines of play are locked down, they can't be shifted."

She warned about organic fields being "a science," although she said that's only in terms of maintenance. But, maintenance is important for scheduling, longevity and cost.

The Faber Field Complex, 320 Doremus Avenue, consisting of upper and lower fields, has been discussed for months, if not years, as borough officials try to determine the most cost effective way to maintain the fields. The Council and public have grown weary of failed attempts to maintain the fields, including efforts to go with all grass in keeping with environmental responsibility and health concerns.

If the borough makes a decision on the quick step, the earliest the fields could be in use would be July 2020.