GLEN ROCK, NJ - Working on "making the world a better place," Lauren Amram has been named Glen Rock High School's Citizen of the Month for December.

The high school released the following announcement about Amram:

"The citizen of the month for December is a student with a desire to make the world a better place. Lauren Amram took over the Key Club in her junior year and has kept her members active in the community every month of her tenure--even in the summer. She organized marching in the July 4th parade for the Public Library, collected school supplies on the first day of school and ran a food drive in October.

"However, this month Lauren has outdone all her other work. Lauren organized a multiple town event completely run by students. She put together the Martin Luther King Day of Service event for both Ridgewood and Glen Rock. She brainstormed activities that can be of service and completed by citizens just dropping in to the event…all ages, all skills and all abilities. Her theme this year was literacy at home and [she] worked hard to collect books and funds for homeless Bergen County families. This is the second year in a row that she was in charge of this incredibly successful event!"