During the period between July 30 to August 5, members of the GRPD handled 207 calls for service, the highlights of which included:

Aug. 2 - 3:09 PM – A Glen Rock resident reported that an unknown person hacked into her AT&T I-Phone and obtained her banking information.  Unauthorized transactions in the amount of $3,750 had occurred over the last month. In addition, using the victims account information, a Chase credit card had been opened and charges just over $10,000 were incurred at hotels in Colorado and through the purchase of airline tickets reaching the credit limit of the account.

During this same period, the victim suspects that her medical records at Englewood Hospital were also hacked. Reportedly, that information had been used to defraud a third party in Colorado. Glen Rock detectives, along with detectives from Englewood and Boulder, Colorado are currently reviewing this case.      

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Aug. 3 - 12:55 PM – Patrols were dispatched to a dispute involving an unwanted guest at a Broad Street home. Investigation found that a family member from Brooklyn had stayed overnight and refused to leave claiming that someone in the house had stolen her LG Tablet. Family members at the house allegedly had no knowledge of the tablet. The woman was escorted from the home by police and all were advised their right to sign a complaint with the Glen Rock Municipal Court.  

Aug. 3 - During the mid-afternoon police, fire and DPW personnel responded to numerous conditions brought about by wind and heavy rains causing downed trees and flooded roadways.  This included a home on Austin Place which was struck by a tree causing structural damage. No injuries were reported. Fire-Fighters from Hawthorne also assisted at the Austin Place scene.

Hacked phone, an unwanted house guest and turbulent summer weather kept police busy last week.