GLEN ROCK, NJ - The bad guys are out there everyday looking for ways to take advantage of people, even those who think they are not naive, so why not let the good guys help?

Tonight, at 7 p.m., Sgt. James Calaski of the Glen Rock Police will speak about how to recognize scams and frauds.

"This will be a really meaningful program with specific examples to Glen Rock," Councilman Skip Huisking said.

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Speaking from a personal point of view, I had a friend who is quite skeptical but was caught off guard when she was visiting her mother a number of years ago. Her mom received a phone call from a person who sounded like me and said she was in jail in Canada. The woman was crying and needed money.

My friend and her mom drove through a bad storm to get cash, $900, and then wire the money.

Needless to say, I felt horrible. I couldn't believe it. That was all I needed to wisen me up, or so I thought.

Recently, I received a computer-voice-like call that said I was in big trouble and the sheriff was going to come to my door unless I paid $10,000 in back taxes. It shook me up, but then, I thought to call the local police.

The IRS does not do business that way, the Fair Lawn Police told me. I felt better but there are days when I will get four phone calls like that one.

Learning to recognize these scams can save you a lot of heartache AND a lot of money. So, the Glen Rock Police are having a forum tonight to help you recognize when a scam is afoot.

Let the good guys help you recognize those bad guys 7 p.m. tonight at Borough Hall, 1 Harding Plaza in the council chambers.