GLEN ROCK - The Borough Council tabled an ordinance that would restrict Rodney Street parking to one side after residents said it would encourage more speeding.

The first reading of the ordinance was scheduled for June 28, but at the June 26 work session, approximately a dozen residents said the proposed changes were not the answer.

Mary Deutschman said the solution to abolish both side of the street parking would "exacerbate" speeding.

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"I am appalled at the speed people drive," she said. "And it's the same people complaining, it's the people who live here that are doing it."

Letting cars park on just one side opens the street and invites more speeding, she said.

"Public information would help," Deutschman said. "There has to be enforcement, the threat of tickets and fines. There has to be action or people will just continue to speed."

Resident Emily Hills said she has two young girls and she is "scared for their lives."

She appealed for more ticketing, as well.

"We need a zero tolerance campaign in Glen Rock," Hills said. "I don't see the speed limits being enforced and that causes issues."

"Enforcement starts at the top," she said. "I'm so tired of calling about this."

The council unanimously approved tabling the ordinance. Mayor Bruce Packer said if and when a new solution could be determined, he would inform the residents.