GLEN ROCK, NJ – Natural ingredients today are a powerful force in the world of flavors, fragrances, beauty, health and wellness. To answer the growing demand for premium, pure, natural, healthier products, Artiste, an established global flavor and fragrance specialty ingredient company serving customers worldwide, has searched for a collection of ingredients specifically derived from fruits and plants harvested from proprietary farms, under the watchful eye and expert supervision of a master in organic chemistry.

“We’ve created a partnership with Alpha Research & Development, a specialty ingredient developer with completely transparent farming practices. We are determined to continue to offer our customers ‘best-in-class’ essential oils, as well as absolutes, extracts and organically certified (ECOCERT) essential oils that are fruit- and plant-based,” stated Joe Raimondo, President of Artiste. “There are so few companies with this level of quality products that can compete with Alpha. Dr. Nadim Shaath, a sought-after industry icon, has spent his life in the pursuit of perfection, developing products that are superior in every way. We are proud to offer these products to the US market to help consumer product goods (CPG) companies satisfy increasing consumer demands for performance products and ‘better-for-you’ claims,” Raimondo added.

Artiste’s collection from Alpha will include parsley seed, jasmine absolute, violet leaves absolute, orange flower absolute, rose oil, geranium oil and specialty essential oils like anise, basil, bitter orange, caraway, fennel, marjoram, neroli, rosemary and much more listed on Artiste’s website.

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Alpha Research and Development has more than 40 years’ experience in the ingredients space. Founded by Dr. Shaath in 1999, Alpha R&D, Ltd., is a research, sourcing and product development company specializing in essential oils and sunscreens. Alpha R&D sources its essential oils, absolutes, hydrosols and therapeutic ingredients directly from its farms in Egypt and Tunisia. Alpha R&D offers extensive training in aromas, essential oils, sunscreens, and quality control procedures, all of which are detailed on the Artiste website. This unique expertise is one more way Artiste helps customers develop the applications and formulations that will create the finished products customers want and provide claims for new products consumers have come to expect.

Artiste offers fine quality health, wellness, natural and functional ingredients, citrus, mint, extracts, oils and much more. Located in Glen Rock, Artiste is the ingredient partner of choice for delivering unparalleled service and consistently high-quality ingredients with supported transparency.

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