GLEN ROCK, NJ – The Glen Rock Environmental Commission (GREC) is excited to announce the borough will participate in the Trex Plastic Film Recycling Challenge. Trex, a manufacturer of decking materials composed of 95% recycled plastic, encourages recycling by sponsoring challenges for schools and communities. Participants in the recycling challenges receive plastic film collection bins at no cost. Winners of the challenges receive a bench made of recycled plastic, suitable for outdoor use in a park or playground.

Plastic film is thin polyethylene and includes grocery bags, bread bags, dry cleaning bags, newspaper sleeves, Ziploc bags, produce bags, and bubble wrap. These materials cannot be recycled through the curbside collection in Glen Rock.

Candace Lynch, a GREC Green Team member, said “Plastic pollution is a global problem, and we have been inspired to act locally to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated in Glen Rock. The Trex Challenge provides a fantastic opportunity for our community to green up Glen Rock and win a free park bench!”

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Arati Kreibich, Glen Rock Councilwoman added: “How do we dispose of plastic bags is a common question we get from residents, especially as they are becoming more aware of how much plastic we use and its impact on our environment. Participating in this challenge is a clear win-win! It will help our community recycle more while getting something for the whole community to enjoy—for free! In the long term, I hope this will also help reduce our use of plastics.”

Sylvia Rabacchi, GREC Co-Chair, emphasized the importance of reducing plastic use in addition to recycling: “Plastic pollution, together with climate change, is an enormous and growing emergency of our times. Being a synthetic product, plastic does not degrade and therefore keeps accumulating in the environment. It is estimated that by 2050, the oceans will contain more plastic than fish. Plastic pollution is toxic to human health and adversely affects many animals that either become entangled with them or eat them and die. Refusing single use plastic bags is the very first thing we should all do. It is easy to get into the habit of keeping reusable bags in the car and you feel good every time you use them! The TREX initiative will encourage Glen Rock residents to properly recycle plastic bags and film that may find their way into our homes.”

Glen Rock will participate in the Trex Challenge for the 6 month period beginning March 1, 2018. If at least 500 pounds of plastic film are collected, Trex will award a bench to the borough. Bins will be placed at convenient locations, including Borough Hall; other sites are listed at GREC volunteers will collect the plastic film, report the amount to Trex, and deliver the material to participating locations for distribution to recycling centers.

The Glen Rock Environmental Commission (GREC) consists of volunteer residents appointed by the Mayor, and the Green Team consists of volunteer residents who work with GREC. The role of the Glen Rock Environmental Commission is to inform residents about environmental matters and ways to help protect the environment, advise governing bodies on a variety of environmental issues, help explain programs and regulations of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, investigate environmental problems and offer solutions.

One of the largest recyclers of plastic in the U.S., Trex uses more than 1.5 billion plastic bags to make its eco-friendly, wood-alternative outdoor living products each year. A standard 16-foot Trex board contains recycled material from approximately 2,250 plastic bags. In addition to plastic grocery and retail bags, Trex reuses polyethylene plastic from a variety of common household items – such as case overwraps, bread bags, bubble wrap, newspaper sleeves, and dry cleaning bags – to create composite products that offer a superior alternative to wood and an environmentally responsible choice to consumers. For more information, see:

Contact Information: Candace Lynch,, 774-218-5000