We have been part of this amazing, close-knit town for the past four years and have loved making new friends across cultures. I am proud to say that Dr. Arati Kreibich is among those treasured friends. She's one of the brightest and most genuine people I've ever met. She is committed to improving our town and I know she'll make good on her word, because Arati means what she says.

Part of her vision is making sure all of us are heard and that every opinion is considered. I've seen Arati and her running mate Amy Martin in action, developing and executing ideas based on facts and needs of the community. They have not just the capability but the willingness to make a difference -- to make every meeting, every session, every decision count. They are working hard to represent us all across cultures, across party affiliations and, most importantly for the parents among us, across parenting methods! I can't conclude this letter without sharing an anecdote that reflects Arati's devotion to raising her children to be brave and caring citizens. Her son once wore pink sneakers for two weeks in support of equality and feminism. He was willing to be perceived as different while also conscious of being respectful of others. Like mother, like son.

I wish Arati and Amy the very best and stand tall in supporting them as the deserving candidates on the council. I ask you to make an informed and educated opinion and make the right choice.