I met Dr. Arati Kreibich at the Glen Rock Inn at a Glen Rock After the March event where citizens gathered to organize efforts to make our community better and find ways to become civically engaged.

Since then, I have worked with her on town clean up efforts and on green team initiatives. I have found her to have a sincere passion for improving the world around her as well as the intelligence and organizational attributes that make her an effective leader. Her scope of vision encompasses everything from the smallest town issue to the largest national one. Her work with Amy Martin on the A-Team regarding the Farmers Market, town clean ups, traffic issues has had real positive impact.

The A-Team works extremely hard and effectively together.

I have been a Glen Rock resident for 25 years and have seen such a reinvigoration of our towns civic life and Arati kreibich and Amy Martin are a crucial component of that and will certainly get my vote.