FAIR LAWN, NJ - It's not often you get a day named after you, but Nicholas Magarelli received such an honor on Feb. 21 for his service to the borough at his retirement as Chief of the Auxiliary Police, a volunteer position.

"I get asked a lot why I do this for free," he said on Feb. 21. "I stop and I give whoever's asking a strange look because to me the answer is obvious. I do it because I love Fair Lawn, I love this town. I was born and raised here."

His family is military, going back to WWII, he said. 

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"I wanted to get involved," he said. "It gives you a better sense of your community when you do that. I hope I can encourage others to get involved."

Magarelli, who currently works as the borough's Chief of Staff under the Borough Manager Jim Van Kruiningen, is the Director of Veterans Affairs for the borough, as well.

He volunteers with the Borough’s Office of Emergency Management, and he is the Service Officer for American Legion Post 171.

"I volunteer a lot of my time now on Veteran related matters," he said a couple days after his honor. "It’s my new passion."

The Borough Council previously honored him as a "longtime, dedicated member of the Auxiliary Police, now known as Special Class I Police," according to the proclamation. He retired as chief, a position he held since 2006.

He became an Auxiliary Police Officer on Aug. 21, 1995. His duties included assisting the Police Department, as a volunteer, with traffic, court security, large event security and patrolling the borough.




My spare time I spend with my children on various activates. I have five children. One is 24 and in the Navy but the other four are home. Last year my one daughter got me into doing plays with her. I did two last year with the theater group “Saint Anne’s Stages”.


Let me know if you need anything else. Thank you Rebecca!




Nick Magarelli

Chief of Staff

Veterans Affairs Director (USAF Veteran)

Borough of Fair Lawn