By now, most of you know that I love to watch good movies. I love movies that leave me with strong messages. So now let me recall the movie Evan Almighty. The movie is about a newly elected junior senator (Steve Carell) who wants to change the world one day at a time. On the night before he is to start his job, he prays to God for help (Morgan Freeman). God instructs him to build an "ark" to save the world and all the fun and humor begins.

The story actually has a serious message that is not revealed until the very end of the film. The letters ARK stood for an Act of Random Kindness. And that is where we must begin our story.

There are many issues that have risen since the pandemic began this past March. Racism reared its ugly head with the death of George Floyd, and other deaths at the hands of the police were revealed as protests and marches sprung up, many of which devolved into riots and looting. Mother nature has shown its own wrath leaving multiple states under water from full force hurricanes and destructive tornadoes. Wildfires resulted in damage, not only to thousands of acres of land, but to residents who lost their personal possessions and homes.

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Now is the time we really need to be building our own arks. It is time to rebuild and start over again. Here are some suggestions of random acts of kindness.

  • Check on elderly neighbors, or parents to ensure there is enough food and supplies in their homes to survive long periods of isolation.
  • Donate food to food banks in the community.
  • Volunteer your talents and services in the community (read or share your personal stories with children).
  • If you see a homeless person on the street, struggling to survive, offer to buy them a hot cup of coffee, or give them the sweater that you no longer use because it doesn't fit anymore.
  • Go into your houses of worship and raise funds with book or clothes drives.
  • Be good to your own family and strengthen the bonds that you have strived for.

You will see that "one random act of kindness" makes a difference in building a whole new world.

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask and social distance.