PARAMUS, NJ – Thursday evening, Mayor Rich LaBarbiera released the following statement to his community in regards to the horrific accident that affected so many.

"Today, our community was shaken by a horrific accident resulting in two tragic, senseless deaths of a teacher and a student. As a father of three sons, I cannot fathom the level of pain and despair that the family of the student whose life was lost is feeling, and the loved ones of the teacher who also died are in the same horrific situation. I ask all members of our Paramus community to keep the deceased and wounded and their families in their prayers as we work collectively to recover from this tragedy. This is a time when neighbors must look after neighbors and we must come together as one family, and I am certain that this is exactly what will happen because Paramus is a place where people truly care for each other." -Mayor Richard LaBarbiera

Mayor LaBarbiera followed up Friday morning with a post on Facebook in which he thanked all emergency personnel, hospital staff, as well as teachers and school staff who played a role in assisting with Thursday’s events. He asked that everyone continue to keep the victims and their families in their thoughts and prayers.