PARAMUS - Although The Dork Side was not crowned winners of NBC’s new hit show “Genius Junior”, Paramus’s Shivani Sahu won over the hearts, and the brains, of members of the community. Nicknamed the “Talking Dictionary”, Ridge Ranch Elementary School Student Shivani and her teammates made a run to the finals of the game show hosted by Neil Patrick Harris.

Over the course of several weeks Shivani showcased her talents though various team-oriented brain games and challenges. Shivani got Paramus residents to join the “Dork Side” and cheer her on through the end. When asked about the impact she had, Mayor LaBarbiera said that “Shivani should be proud of what she accomplished. She got a community to rally behind her and gave us a local star to support on Sunday Nights.”

Shivani was joined by teammates Ashley (Orlando, Florida) and Rodrigo (Miami, Florida) as they made their way through the competition and made it to the finals last night. Paramus Public Schools has a lot to be proud of and has a new star within their ranks. According to her bio, Shivani plans to follow her dream of moving to Broadway after her time in Paramus.

*Video Credit: NBC Genius Junior YouTube Channel*