There is no overstatement for what Assemblyman Tim Eustace has done for my family. I grew up as the younger brother of a now 21 year old man with Autism. He had struggled for 21 years to live and survive in a world not built for him, built with a seemingly sole purpose to make him fail. Socially, our neighbors Radburn had isolated him and my family when he was diagnosed. Politically, there are no resources available to facilitate voting and political understanding for many with severe autism, as my brother had. Economically, medical bills were mounting due to high medical and pharmaceutical costs.

Starting about three years ago, my family began the legal battle to have my brother into an assisted living home. Governor Christie had tightened restrictions on organizations that already required copious amounts of red tape to just apply for. At first it looked like it was going well, until the first organization which had “guaranteed” my brother a spot, said it was full. That began a cycle of similar events happening. It had now been a year, and we decided to contact our local representatives. Our senators were too busy, and I was working on the Josh Gottheimer campaign, so we very well couldn’t go to Scott Garrett. We went to two people, the Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg, due to our family ties to Teaneck, and Assemblyman Tim Eustace.

With Tim Eustace’s support and help, he got my brother into an assisted living facility in South Jersey within the next three months. What at that point had been a two year legal battle had been ended because of the compassion, support, and leadership of Assemblyman Tim Eustace.

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I don’t care what your politics are, he changed my family’s, and more importantly, my brother’s life. He gave a constituent, a constituent that can’t even vote mind you, something that he otherwise never would have had, a life he could live.

Assemblyman Eustace should be re-elected in November.