GLEN ROCK - A Verizon representative asked the Borough Council to consider a resolution for tomorrow's agenda that would allow the communications company to install "nodes" on utility poles near schools and business areas to improve data transmitting capacity.

Mayor Bruce Packer said the council should consider a "blanket policy" in case other companies approach the borough with a similar request.

"We'll get this done ASAP," Packer said at the council work session on June 26.

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Bill Flanagan of Tillson Technology, who was representing Verizon on the matter, said the equipment is necessary because of complaints about lack of service in certain areas. Tillson provides infrastructure services to Verizon.

"There is a  high demand around schools and in the business district," he said. "Six to 12 nodes are needed, and we need your permission to operate in the borough."

State law allows Verizon to operate its services in the right of way, which is between the curb and the sidewalk, Tillson said. Verizon does not have to pay the town fees for such an expansion in service, unlike cell phone towers when constructed and operated on borough property.

The nodes, which include a 24-inch antenna, will be attached to existing poles via a brackett. It will add about 2.5-5 feet to the height of the pole.

Council president Amy Martin asked if other cellular providers will come and ask for the same.

"These are just to support the existing cell towers," Flanagan said. "Verizon cannot use other companies tower or equipment, they operate on a different frequency."