When I was a young girl, my parents took me to family circle meetings in Brooklyn, New York. The family meetings would take place in the basement of a cousin's house and the purpose was to reunite the family who had immigrated from Eastern Europe.  The adults would gather around in groups and share stories of their time in the new world, both good and bad. They would share their stories with the children who were present in the room. When the children grew up, they would share these stories with their own children and those stories remained alive.

To this day, families have continued to reunite; while my parents called them "family circle meetings", you may hear people call them family reunions, because they gather together from all parts of the states.

As seniors, you may remember all the stories and events that occurred in your life. But how many of you have written the stories down?  If you write the stories down and pass them on to the future generations, it is called a memoir.  So I am going to challenge each one of you to write your own memories with a little bit of a twist.

The task before you is to put yourself in the part of a movie producer. As a producer you have the authority and the power to write the story the way you see it. You can set the plot, the scenery and the ending. Therefore, your challenge is to write the story of your life as a movie and hand it down to your children, your grandchildren and all the generations to come. After you have finished your story, ask a trusted family member to pass it on. Help your family stay alive.