Is your furnace making loud noises that keep you up at night? Furnaces often start to make strange noises when a malfunction is occurring.

Repetitive clicking noises often indicate that there’s a problem with the ignition system. 

Your furnace’s spark igniter is trying to ignite the pilot light but fails to do so, resulting in your furnace not starting.

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To determine whether the problem is caused by an ignition switch malfunction, check if your furnace has a pilot light or electric ignition, then light the pilot to observe the ignition process to ensure it is functioning properly.

Banging, popping and rattling, often indicate there is a problem with the blower assembly, motor or furnace burners.

  • Rattling can mean a component in the system is coming loose. It’s important to repair that component before it breaks or disconnects completely.
  • If you hear extremely loud banging sounds shut the heating system off, something most likely has broken and disconnected. 
  • If you hear a banging when the furnace turns on, followed by no hot air, dirty furnace burners may be to blame. Dirty furnace burners let gas accumulate in the furnace before the gas ignites. The delayed ignition from the gas buildup is what causes the loud bang. It is important not to ignore this noise. Doing so can crack your furnace’s heat exchanger, which oftentimes results in the need for a new furnace. 
  • If you’re hearing a loud noise when your furnace turns on but aren’t sure if it’s coming from your furnace, it could be caused by expanding and contracting air ducts. When your furnace blower starts it sucks in air and blows it out through supply ducts. This causes different parts of your ducts to contract and expand. A minor popping noise is natural, but when there is a loud pop or bang there could be a more serious problem caused by undersized ducts, closed vents or a clogged air filter.

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