Old memories can be wonderful, and, they can be difficult. Remembering a old rough relationship with a family member can remind us of how good we have it currently. Joan talks about an old TV show reminded her of times past and how much better her life is now.

Joan: One of my friends stopped by my house this past weekend and when I answered the door, she was surprised to see tears streaming down my face. She immediately asked what was wrong. I told her that I was watching “The Waltons” marathon on television. The look on her face was priceless!

I explained “The Waltons” has always reminded me of my family when I was growing up, especially the grandmother. Watching the show made me long for my family members, all of whom have since passed, and the wonderful times we shared.

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My friend asked why I watch the show if it makes me cry. I told her that the emotions are bittersweet because while I feel extremely sad, I also remember the love and joy that I felt over the years. Watching the show made those wonderful memories come flooding in.

Q. I think a lot of us have been there. Watching television shows from our youth can bring us right back to things that were happening at the time we were watching the shows, as well.

Joan: Yes, it all gets mixed in there. But the point is more that sometimes you need to experience the bad in order to get to the good.

We all have days when life’s challenges or daily obstacles that are usually handled without blinking an eye, have the power to drive a dagger into the heart. Life doesn’t always work out according to plan. Everyone feels vulnerable, sad and lonely from time to time. That’s ok.

It’s those challenging days that give meaning to every other day. The ups and downs make life worth living. Without the bad you wouldn’t feel the good.

Q. So temporary bad doesn’t mean it’s all bad, even though it can feel like it, right?

Joan: That’s it. Just because you’re having a day or two (or sometimes month or year) that isn’t going your way, doesn’t mean you’re having a bad life. Look past the sadness to the gifts and lessons that are being offered – sometimes you have to look through the tears – even though they’re always there.