Q. Hello Eric!  Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Schlett: My name is Eric Schlett and I’m running for a seat on the Glen Rock Borough Council.  I’ve lived in Glen Rock for over 20 years and couldn’t imagine raising my family anywhere else.  My wife, Jennifer, and I share an interfaith Judeo-Christian family where we are active in our religious communities and are committed to a spiritual journey of respect, compassion and understanding. My four children, Eric Jr., Matthew, Gregory, and Sophia span two decades in age and are my life’s greatest achievements. 

Q. Why did you move to Glen Rock?

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Schlett: Like many residents, I moved to Glen Rock after I got married and was searching for a welcoming community to start a family and raise children. Having previously volunteered as a coach for a youth sports program in Glen Rock, I was familiar with the town and knew this was where I wanted to live. Glen Rock was and continues to be a wonderful, friendly, and family-oriented community with excellent schools, competitive athletics and terrific residents.

Q. Why are you running for a Borough Council seat?

Schlett: I’m running for Council because service to my community is in my blood!  My parents were very active volunteers where I grew up and they successfully instilled within me their mutual passion of “giving back to the community”.

I have a proven track record of dedication to Glen Rock through community service, as a volunteer firefighter, a coach, my involvement in St. Catherine’s, and through local philanthropy.

As a Council member, I will be fair, considerate, balanced, committed, and ready to represent ALL Glen Rockers.

Q. In your opinion, what are some of the Glen Rock’s key issues?

Schlett: In terms of Top 3, I’d say taxes, public safety, and recreational programs.

Q. Why are you the best candidate to address these issues?

Schlett: I will bring financial discipline, creativity, and empathy garnered in 30+ years of business to my role on the Council. From the onset of my career as an accountant, to the last 20 years running a world-renowned business, I have gained practical experience that will allow me to make a positive impact as a councilperson. Over the past 20 years of my career, I have worked closely with both the public (Government: Local, County, State and National) and private sectors, and have a skill for building consensus and delivering results.  

As we all know living in Glen Rock, taxes ~ both municipal and BOE ~ continue to be a major issue facing our small town. It affects families and seniors who have expressed considerable concern.  From my initial review of the budget, I believe there are several areas where we can make improvements and put that money to better use elsewhere.

From a safety perspective, my concern is the Volunteer Fire Department. Our dedicated firefighters are some of the most selfless people I have ever met, but many of the senior leaders are aging out. Our current volunteer rate does not allow us to replace these leadership roles, causing us to rely heavily on surrounding areas for support. Unfortunately, this is not a problem unique to Glen Rock. 

Given my career experience in the fire service industry, I have some insights to ensure safety remains paramount while keeping costs down.  I have had some meetings with various members of the local fire department as well as several industry leaders over the past few weeks and look forward to sharing the details of our conversations soon. 

Glen Rock’s recreational programs and accompanying needs are near and dear to my heart. I, along with my brother Dave, founded Glen Rock’s current Junior Wrestling Program and I have coached and held leadership positions in football, baseball, wrestling and soccer organizations as well. My older children participated in many of Glen Rock’s recreational programs and I hope that my daughter will be able to enjoy them, too. With experience on all sides of these programs, I will be an advocate for what they really need to continue to be successful.  

Q. Anything else you’d like to add?

Schlett: So much more!  But to close, I’d just like to say how much I am enjoying meeting so many residents as I campaign with my running mates ~ Sanjiv Ohri (for Mayor) and Councilwoman Michelle Torpey (for Council). I look forward to talking with many more before the November elections.

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