During the period between April 8 and April 14, 2019 members of the GRPD handled 335 calls for service, the highlights of which included:

April 8 - 6:45 PM – A female resident of Leigh Terrace reported a suspicious incident that occurred a few minutes earlier on Prospect Street near Manor Court. The adult female reported that while she was running on Prospect Street, a Hispanic male, approximately 20 years of age, 5’10”, wearing a blue t-shirt and khaki shorts, who had been walking in the opposite direction, quickly changed directions and approached her. She stated that the male was acting unusual and asked her questions like what her name is, where she was going to, and told her he thought she was cute. She advised the male she was not interested and left the area. She felt uneasy about the encounter and wanted officers to check the area for the individual. Patrol checked the area but were unable to locate the male party.

April 10 - 2:39 PM – A business located on Harristown Road reported a theft. The business received an email requesting a wire transfer of funds in the amount of $15,450 for a conference which appeared to be legitimate. The wire transfer was completed as requested. Several days later, they received a second email requesting three additional wire transfers be completed. At this time, they realized that the email address for both transfer requests was fraudulent and did not match the information they had for the legitimate chairperson of the conference. The detective bureau is investigating.

April 11 - 10:55 AM - A resident of Hamilton Ave reported identity theft. She stated that she mailed a check to the State Treasury at a mail box in Newark. After the check cleared, she noticed that the name on the check was altered to a different individual who then cashed the check. The victim notified her bank and the detective bureau is investigating.